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Credit Restoration-About the Program
There Are 3 Elements to Our Process 


The removal of closed and inaccurate information on the credit reports, including but not limited to collections, charged-offs, late payments, medical bills etc. 


Choose Your Plan

We offer a flat fee payment of $585 for a guarantee 6 months or a monthly payment option of $150 to start and $99/month until you cancel.


Building or Reestablishing Credit

Positive Credit Tradelines are a MUST in this process 


Maintain Active Credit Monitoring



Providing the client with the education necessary that teaches them how to maintain their good credit score once they attain it. 


Send us what you receive in the mail by uploading to your VIP Client Portal. We will act as the liaison between the client and the credit bureaus/creditors. No action necessary on clients part, we handle all responses.

The Client's Responsibility

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I'm Ready to Sign-Up

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