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Meet Owner and Founder


​Hello, I'm Sherri Monique Anderson the founder and owner of SMA Credit Excellence. After a marriage of five years, life happened and I was left carrying the weight of so much debt that I didn't think I would come out of.


I had to start completely over, and when I say completely over my credit lifestyle was a mess. Collection items, charged-off accounts and so many hard inquiries because I needed to approved for a personal loan so I could get out of the debt I was in. I literally would go to check cashing places every month praying that it would approved and every time the application came back declined. My credit lifestyle was a mess, I had no choice but to do something about it.' 


Shining bright on the outside, while my Credit Life was a Mess, faking it till I made it..... I began to really take a serious interest in my credit and wanted my credit lifestyle to match what I was presenting on the outside. I needed my credit to be beat, fabulous and shiny bright just like I presented myself daily. I was over not being able to get approved for a simple personal loan, the embarrassment and humiliation I felt every time I heard the word "DECLINED" I needed to do something different. 

So I became my first client, listen I'm from the city of Compton, no one taught me about credit, after many mistakes I had no choice but to teach myself if I wanted my lifestyle to change from being homeless. I educated myself because I vowed to never live in those circumstances again in life. I'm not ashamed of the challenges that I've experience because those challenges have shaped and lead me to educate myself and turn my credit lifestyle around for my good. 

And that's why I started the business, I want people everywhere especially single black women to recognize that we were not made to live below average, we were created to live an Excellence Credit Lifestyle, never fearing denial. Changing our mindsets to establish healthy credit habits leading towards Wealth, Access and Ownership.


So let's get to work, make the investment to improve your Credit 



Welcome to SMA Credit Excellence!!


Sherri Monique Anderson  



SMA's Mission 

To provide consumers with healthy credit habits to have credit access. to assist consumers with credit issues and restoring their credit by advising to building a strong credit foundation moving towards Wealth and Ownership. 


SMA's Vision

to empower individuals to Recognize their Credit Worth, creating excellent credit habits granting access to a healthy credit lifestyle 

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